There’s been a consensus regarding where the Seattle Mariners would look for their next manager after today’s season finale. The thought has been that they’d possibly look to promote from within. Robbie Thompson and Daren Brown are two names that have been given lots of attention in the local media.

However, FOX Sport’s Ken Rosenthal indicates the M’s could be looking outside the organization.

These are both familiar names, of course. Joey Cora played for the Mariners from 1995-1998, and was interviewed for the position after Don Wakamatsu was fired. You might remember how much he wanted the job then.

Price was the club’s pitching coach under three different Mariners managers. He came to the club to work under Lou Piniella, then continued under Bob Melvin and Mike Hargrove. After the 2006 season, Price left the M’s to reunite with Melvin, who was entering his third year as manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Both of these guys have been managerial candidates for several years, each narrowly missing out on jobs. Each has been on successful coaching staffs and each has ties to the Mariners. So, they seem like natural candidates.

Now, just because the Mariners have kicked around the idea of talking with them, would either want to take this job?

Cora loved his time with the Mariners and seems like the more likely of the two to take his first managerial job wherever he can get it. Price might be the more sought-after option for other teams that could include the Yankees, Angels and Cubs. Plus, Price had a front row seat to one of his bosses — a franchise icon — wanting out, another being scapegoated and a third who would eventually walk away as well.

We have no idea how good either of these guys — or anyone else, really — would fare as manager of this club. We don’t even know if they’d be interested. The talent has to improve. But at least we’re starting to get some names to kick around.

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Jason A. Churchill


  1. Who could be the M’s next Manager?

    In House
    Darren Brown
    Robby Thompson
    Ted Simmons

    Top Candidates
    Matt Williams
    Torey Lovello
    Sandy Alomar Jr.
    Tim Wallach
    Bryan Price
    Hensley Meulens
    Dave Martinez
    Rob Thomson
    Joey Cora
    Rich Dubee
    Pete Mackanin
    Charlie Montoyo

    Out of the box consideration
    Raul Ibanez Player/Coach

    I like Montoyo, Price, Meulens in that order.

  2. I don’t know if I’m glad Wedge is leaving, but I’m not upset either. The running game disapppeared this year. And, one of the things he noted as being his reason for leaving was that he wanted to continue to “develop” the young players, apparently with disregard to winning games. He has to do both, it’s not an either/or situation.

  3. Does it matter who the manager is if the team doesn’t put better talent on the field?

  4. Hey, I can’t seem to reply to your email. Hit me up on Twitter and I’ll DM you your reset password.

  5. I am glad Wedge is out myself. He didnt seem to want to run or bunt much at all.

  6. Price would be my choice but they passed on him once before and might not want to be reminded of that. There are some players that could make good managers. Some might laugh but I’ve thought for some time that Brendan Ryan would make an excellent manager. Terry Francona made a big public gush about how Jason Giambi was going to make an great manager some day. I respect Francona’s opinion. Raul would also be a good possibility, as long as he wasn’t a player manager. He knows how to get them ready to play, he and Girardi are both in better shape than their players. Brown and Thompson both had an audition and just didn’t seem right for the job to me. For some reason Joey Cora just doesn’t seem like a fit, even though he’s a great guy. Wedgie was a decent motivator but a bad game manager, they need to fix that.

  7. I like the Pena idea. They need to see if anyone else gets fired like Scioscia,Washington etc

  8. I feel like Bryan Price might make the most sound tactical decisions of the group. That’d be a fleshing change.

  9. I have long been a fan of Tony Pena, he would be my first choice. If they wanted someone with more success I could live with Ken Macha or Jim Tracy. If they hire from the organization I would prefer Ted Simmons despite his age.

  10. I’ll add that I have heard the names Pete Mackanin and Charlie Montoyo, too. I imagine Dave Martinez’s name will be throw out there by some, too, but I don’t believe he’ll be among the finalists.

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