REPORT: Baltimore close to saving Mariners

 Yep, you read the title correctly. The Baltimore Orioles are reportedly close to a deal to save the Seattle Mariners from Nelson Cruz. Jon Heyman of wrote early Saturday morning that the Orioles were nearing a deal with Cruz.

If and when the deal becomes official, Cruz will be off the market, leaving Kendrys Morales to the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, New York Mets or Pittsburgh Pirates — or perhaps an ever-popular mystery team.

I wrote late Friday night and included a potential lineup should the M’s bring back Morales. Seriously, it wouldn’t be too darned bad.

Morales, however, is represented by the Boras Corporation, an agency known for playing hardball until the bitter end. At the start of the offseason, many believe the asking price for both Cruz and Morales was somewhere beyond four guaranteed years at $15 million per season. We don’t know what Cruz’s deal with the Orioles looks like just yet, but it will be a useful barometer for Morales’ deal, both in years and dollars.

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Jason A. Churchill