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FranklinTypically Spring Training rekindles some of the hot stove talk that cools off during January and February as teams are now attempting to make sense of the pieces currently on their rosters and how they’re going to fill their remaining holes. It’s been widely known that the Seattle Mariners are interested in moving Nick Franklin in a deal to improve their starting pitching or outfield since he was displaced by a certain quarter billion dollar acquisition. Currently Franklin is batting Brad Miller for the Mariners’ starting shortstop job, although many consider that to just be posturing on Seattle’s part.

Adam Rubin of reported that the Mariners are likely to deal one of Franklin and Miller by the time Opening Day rolls around, most likely Franklin, and that the New York Mets could be a potential fit for the young infielder. He would confirm the Mets’ interest in Franklin yesterday and that dialogue between the two clubs has been ongoing since the Winter Meetings according to his source. While the Mets seem content with Daniel Murphy remaining their everyday second baseman again this year, Franklin represents an upgrade over Ruben Tejada who currently projects to be the club’s starting shortstop at the moment.

After having decent 2011 and 2012 campaigns with the Mets, Tejada saw his stock fall considerably and played more games at the Triple-A level in 2012 than at the MLB level. It’s also worth noting that he arrived to camp overweight for the second year in a row. New York has been connected with free agent shortstop Stephen Drew throughout the offseason and remain interested despite not being too keen on his price tag according to reports. Although Drew’s asking price has likely fallen from where it was back in November, he’ll likely still require a multi-year deal with an average annual salary in the $10 million range though, so it’s possible the Mets prefer Franklin who won’t even be arbitration eligible until after the 2016 season considering Drew will also cost a compensatory draft pick if he were to sign.

Even though New York doesn’t have an outfield surplus or a lot of certainty in their rotation, they do have plenty of young pitching that the Mariners would reportedly be interested in. Zack Wheeler or Noah Syndergaard would be a great return for Franklin, but the Mets would probably need to receive a little more value in a deal if they’re even receptive to moving either pitcher at all. Rubin, among other, consider Rafael Montero as a possible bounty for the Mariners’ shortstop and far more likely to be dealt than the other two pitchers mentioned. Montero, 23, has steadily improved in the three years he’s spent within the Mets’ organization and could be ready to start the year in an MLB rotation. He’d also make an excellent mid-season call up if his club prefers to give him some more seasoning at Triple-A to start the year.

Lookout Landing suggests  Juan Lagares, an outfielder they describe as the center field equivalent of Brendan Ryan, as another option for the Mariners to consider. Lagares would fill Seattle’s dire need for a true centerfielder and was worth 2.9 fWAR in 2013 despite a rather pedestrian .242/.281/.352 line with four home runs and six stolen bases; he really is that good defensively. A glove first outfielder may seem like a light return, but Lagares is just 24-years old and likely has some more room for his offensive game to grow. Perhaps it’d be best to expand the deal beyond a simple one-for-one swap if Seattle wants to maximize the return on a potential Franklin trade to the Mets, and vice versa.

Earlier today, Rubin tweeted that a potential deal sending Franklin to the Tampa Bay Rays was an injury away from occurring.

The Rays are a curious fit for Franklin on paper considering they have Yunel Escober and Ben Zobrist slotted in at shortstop and second base respectively, although they’ve constructed their roster with plenty of versatile players and could easily accommodate him. Rubin points out that Hellickson wasn’t necessary involved in the deal per say, it sounds like another starting pitcher might’ve been and at the time. But with the right-hander expected to miss the first six to eight weeks of the regular season after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right elbow earlier this month, perhaps the Rays felt they wouldn’t have enough depth at the beginning of the season to deal a starter as well.

Since Hellickson went down the Rays have picked up Nate Karns in a deal with the Washington Nationals to shore up some of their pitching depth, which could make trading a starter a possibility once again. Karns does only have 12 major league innings to his name at this point, but Tampa Bay has made a habit of churning out quality young arms with little to no big league experience. It’s possible that Matt Moore or Chris Archer could’ve been headed Seattle’s way, but that’s complete speculation on my part. Hellickson’s surgery was announced at the beginning of February, to offer something of a timeline for the reported trade talks.

While there’s still a chance Franklin could be Seattle’s starting shortstop come Opening Day, it appears increasingly likely he’ll find himself opening the year on a different club and the Mariners acquiring a much needed starting pitcher or outfielder.

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    How much of a market do guys like Smoak and Davis have in the first place though? They’re good but not great players and they’re both getting past the point of being a shiny, interesting prospect. I don’t doubt they both could produce more than the have in the past, but I wouldn’t count on it. The Pirates appear to be the only team with a real need at first base at the moment and it appears that they’re waiting on Morales who they’re reportedly interested in. I doubt they sign him because of the draft pick, but I’d guess that should Morales re-sign in Seattle, Smoak will likely be wearing a Pirates uniform this year.

    Franklin’s market is puzzling and since young talented middle infielders don’t hit the market very often (like never), it’s hard to really put a price on them. What really is fair value for Franklin? Hard to say. We know what the Mariners’ needs are, but we don’t know the point in which the return on Franklin is more valuable than keeping him around for at least a little while longer.

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    The market for young guys like Smoak, Franklin, Davis in NY really has been slow to develop and not great.

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    Their starting CFer in Lagares (in their camp that is the assumption) and a higher end pitching prospect expected to be in the rotation by year end for a SS prospect with a projected plus bat and average glove for SS if he sticks. That kinda seems lopsided in an unrealistic way.
    I think the M’s and Mariners match well, one reason is is I do not see the M’s starting pitching as deep at all. Perhaps trading for a starting pitcher is more important for the M’s and plenty of pitching in Queens, they can’t hit their way out of a paper bag but pitching to be had. Perhaps a Dillon Gee plus for Franklin. Gee really seemed to progress a lot from the begin of last season till the end. Not a big name but a young starter who seems to be putting it together.

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    The answer to that is obvious: getting a player who fits team needs more closely and that might have a future with the club. Plus, they’d be increasing the chances of getting a really good player by trading a bit polish for more upside.

    ML readiness factors in to value. If the M’s can’t find a deal for Franklin that makes them better now (and that represents a fair exchange), then can trade the security of $1 today for the upside of $2 tomorrow in a player who is still has a bit of development left.

    With Franklin, sticking him in AAA won’t really help him much. He doesn’t have much to learn at that level, and the only upside is that he can work on his defensive versatility. But there is a bit of downside, as he could struggle, get hurt, or simply demonstrate that SS is beyond him. Regardless, his status with the M’s is highly unlikely to change, as the M’s have committed to Cano at his best position, and Miller is looking like the long-term SS.

    I’m not saying they should do this, but if the right deal was there, I wouldn’t disregard a package built around a prospect.

    So….the difference between trading for a prospect is that you’d be getting a guy who might have a future with the club. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really apply to Franklin anymore.

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    If that’s all we cared about, we could have kept and resigned Brendan Ryan.

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    We need more firstbase prospect, than we do middle infield prospects?

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    The idea of trading Franklin is that the return will be useful for this season, in an ideal world. If they were only going to get a guy who isn’t ML ready yet for at least another year, what’s the difference between that and letting Franklin spend some more time at Tacoma?

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    One of those things is not like the other.

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    Bloomquist was brought in purely as a reserve. He’s flexible and can hold his own defensively and on the base paths. Did he get a bigger guarantee than he likely required? Yes, but three million for a quality bench player isn’t going to hurt a team.

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    Yeah, I’m not too excited to have Bloomquist playing much. He’s too old and was never that great anyways.

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    Yeah. I’m sure he’s good. I read somewhere that a lot of his defensive value comes from his arm, and that as teams learn this they will stop testing him.

    The weak bat scares me. It’s really soft. Simmons in ATL can pop the ball. This guy is basically all glove. I’m afraid our lineup needs more than that.

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    That’s a good point about Lagares being able to help cover ground for the other (and potentially inferior) defenders in the outfield. Club control is also good!

    As for Andrelton Simmons, I think there is a chance he could end up as good as Ozzie Smith with the glove, with similar batting numbers over what I hope is a long career… and for what might be a once-in-decades glove at SS, I think you do pony up the big bucks like the Braves did. Plus, they have enough good hitters already that if Simmons turns out to be subpar hitter, there are other guys in the lineup who can help make up for that. I’m not sure the Mariners have the bats in their lineup to allow them to carry very many light hitters, but I suppose let’s see how the newcomers do, let’s see if some guys like Ackley and Smoak step it up, etc.

    Looking at Lagares’ minor league numbers, some of them aren’t too bad. His OBP picked up nicely during the past two seasons, but as an age-24 rookie in the majors last year it was only .281, he fanned 96 times in 421 plate appearances and he was only 6/9 in steals. That’s the kind of bat you hide somewhere low in the order, it would seem. If the M’s lineup is strong enough offensively overall that they could cover for what might be poor offense from CF, then Lagares could be a pretty good get because if he is as good as you say he is, he would save the team runs.

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    I appreciate that, thank you. I’m on the same train of thought that the only way Franklin is better off dealt is if a comparable outfielder or starter is in return. Jason said it best on the Sandmeyer show yesterday. Trading from a position of depth to fill a need is only a good idea when you can adequately fill that need. I’ve yet to ever hear a team say “you know, gosh darn it, we have too many middle infielders”. I can guarantee that a team like the Mets would be completely envious of Seattle’s surplus.

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    I didn’t even realize you had mentioned Franklin as an outfielder Tyler, I was referring to other threads and comments that made it sound like an easy transition. No worries on my end, certainly wasn’t questioning your veracity as I agree with almost all you’ve said on the subject. Agreed on the state of the outfield which was my point that some on here are overvaluing Franklin if they wouldn’t move him for a comparable outfielder or pitcher that fits our roster better.

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    How do you feel about Andrelton Simmons? Because that is essentially what you are getting in Lagares. Lagares bat is almost identical, statistically to Simmons and they both are unreal defenders, arguably the top two defenders at their positions. Plus he’s under club control for another 5 years.

    The other thing about Legares is that he would allow you to put inferior defensive players around him in the corners, he can cover a TON of ground.

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    Lagares will win a gold glove every year he plays for us, he literally is one of the top 3 defensive CF’s in the game. You should watch him play. It’s impressive.

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    Smith is off limits till after June.

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    Dustin Ackley is probably going to be the Opening Day left fielder for the Mariners. Clearly he’s significantly more valuable as a second baseman, but there’s a Cano in the way. Teams will move players to positions to fill holes. Guys like Ben Zobrist don’t just magically become able to play every position, they’re taught. Willie Bloomquist came up as an infielder if I remember correct, and he’s player essentially every position aside from catcher at any point in time. I’m not trying to say that Franklin should see time in the outfield, there’s no reason for him too, that’s just where the outfield talk is coming from. The Mariners still have a mess in the outfield, and since SS and 2B are occupied, it’s natural to suggest Franklin could learn a different position.

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    If Nick is in AAA he will likely play both 2B and SSas Tyler said. I don’t get the outfield talk at all from people as the guy is an infielder and has more value there than if he was in the outfield. Not to mention he has NEVER played the outfield. The guy that will be manning shortstop in AAA will be Taylor although I guess they could start him at AA while they figure it out. I just think that the less you show Franklin at SS, the less question marks teams may come up with in regards to him playing there longterm.

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    I would agree with you that we have a way of using guys suited to DH in the field without successful results. The way this team is constructed is the same in many ways. I am just looking at Morales and saying his bat is a better option than Smoak or Morrison in the lineup. He would be limited to the games he could play in the field for sure but by adding Morales and moving out Smoak, or Morrison, we would still have the same roster construction in regards to 1B/DH types. I’m probably looking at the added RH bat potential versus LH starters more than I should. But I could see the real platoon being Romero/Morrison in this scenario with Morales/Hart filling in the other two spots. Not saying that Romero would play firstbase, saying he could play in some combination with those two allowing both rest and flexibility. In any case, you are right that we still have too many 1B/DH types and are short a legitimate outfielder.

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    I wouldn’t be quite so sure of that. If he starts the year in Tacoma he’ll probably see time at second and shortstop. There’s no reason to make him a full-time shortstop all of a sudden. His value is reduced if they start playing him in the outfield, but so long as he can show he’s capable at second and short, his value will be relatively unaffected positionally.

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    Why would they put Franklin at 2B in Tacoma? They wouldn’t. If Nick is sent to Tacoma, he’s playing SS full time. End of story.

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    They managed to make of DH’s find spots in the lineup everyday last year, not that it was a successful endeavour, so I have no doubt they could do it again. My thought process is that by now, we’ve seen what we’re going to get with Smoak; a decent first baseman, 20-23 HR bat, very low average, minimal speed. Morrison is interesting. Of course he could still improve, but he’s 27 now so the top prospect shine is barely visible anymore.

    Morrison and Smoak are similar players, but LoMo appears to have a little more pop in his bat, and he did hit 23 home runs in his last full healthy season, and is probably of similar defensive value. I think that the fact he’s ‘new’ gives him the appearance that he’s more valuable, but really, we’re dealing with very similar players here. I was fairly excited when the M’s picked him up for Capps, but I believe he’s got quite a ways to go to prove he’s going to be a difference maker at the major league level.

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    He may be a gamer like Pedroia but he really doesn’t have a track record yet to show that value. On this team, he doesn’t have a position so even if he went to AAA he’d still be what he is now, a very good prospect with some major league experience. I am not saying we are overrating him as a talent in general, I am saying that some don’t want to trade him unless they get at potential superstar prospect and that simply isn’t gonna happen. The thing is that there will be a point of diminishing return if we keep him too long as teams know we don’t have a position for him. The right time to move him is now, assuming we can get fair or better value in return.

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    This is exactly why I would move Franklin right now. I don’t think that Franklin will play shortstop at AAA, I think he’d be playing secondbase with Taylor playing shortstop. I really don’t think anything he does in the field at AAA will have any bearing on his value, he could rake in AAA and potentially improve that way but I think teams have a pretty good idea what he is.

    I am not advocating any specific trade but the rumored names do make sense for both sides. I wouldn’t move Franklin to the Mets without both guys in the deal but if I could get an Archer from Tampa I’d be all over that.

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    Tyler, I agree that this roster works best if Hart can play rightfield on a mostly regular basis. Even if he cannot, I think Morales can still work on this roster as long as they move Smoak or Morrison. My point was that by signing Morales, it could balance the roster better by allowing Romero to fill more of a role on this team while adding two RH bats to the roster for flexibility. For instance, if Hart needs a break from the field we could potentially play Morales at 1B, Romero in RF, and Hart at DH versus a lefthanded starter. FYI, I think Morrison is better with the bat (when healthy) than Smoak which is why I keep talking trading Smoak. I don’t think the Pirates/Mets ever swing a deal for Davis which skews my thought process as well.

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    I think a the Morales/Smoak decisions won’t be settled until the club has a better grasp of what Hart and Morrison can do on the field. Obviously the plan is for Hart to play RF as much as possible, but it’s likely he’ll require plenty of time at first base and DH. If his knees look like they will be able to hold up, absolutely, go sign Morales. But, if he starts looking like he’s going to need to play half the year at DH, the waters get a lot murkier. Smoak isn’t a great first baseman, but it’s likely he’ll be better defensively than Morrison or Morales will be, so there’s no reason to get rid of him until it’s known for sure that yes, Hart can see plenty of the outfield, and yes, Morrison could conceivably be a regular first baseman. I have no issue with Morales seeing time as a first baseman, but limiting it will be key.

    The Pirates are still looking for a first baseman and have been connected to both Morales and Smoak, but Ike Davis remains a potential trade possibility as well.

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    Franklin’s value increases substantially if he goes to Tacoma and shows scouts he can play an acceptable shortstop. It’s not about his hitting at this point–it’s his defensive position. If he shows he can’t play short, nothing lost–other teams look at him as a second baseman. His value hasn’t declined from what it is now.

    On Legares, it seems like the majority of his defensive value is based on his arm (15 OF assists last year). Once that’s clear, teams will stop running on him, and much of his value is diminished. His range numbers don’t seem to suggest Griffey, Cammy or Guti.

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    Oops. Meant #50 prospect in baseball. Not the big leagues, obviously.

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    I think everyone here is undervaluing Franklin. Its a token case of former prospect bias.

    Franklin was ranked by most authorities around #50 overall in the big leagues last year, and that was before he destroyed AAA (.324/.440/.472 with more BBs than Ks) and earned a promotion to the big leagues. He did well for the first month or so before struggling, as pitchers adjusted to him. Thus, his numbers look mediocre. But most players struggle after the promotion to MLB, and Franklin is only 23 and still has lots of upside.

    Because he’s not a “top prospect” anymore, people are down on him. But he’s a good bet to be an above average player this year, and improve over the the few years. And he’s still under team control for the next several years. He’s a damn valuable commodity.

    He has fewer question marks than almost any player in his position. And the value he would give a team based on his service time remaining FAR outweigh any questions about his late 2013 struggles. The guy just made the most difficult jump in the development of a baseball player. Downgrading him because of that is just dumb.

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    I’m sorry. I meant Dominic Smith (1B prospect with the Mets).

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    Why do we necessarily need a ML ready player?

    If the M’s could get a higher upside player for Franklin that still is a year or so away from the big leagues, why not?

    Obviously, it depends on what the return is. The M’s don’t need to trade Franklin. His value might not be maxed out due to his late season struggles, and he still has options left. But the value of players coming back includes both overall talent and proximity to the big leagues. If the M’s could get a higher upside player who still has a bit of development ahead of him, thats great! We need more talent. It doesn’t need to be here immediately.

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    I dont think we are overvaluing Franklin. He has a great makeup and play very hard with a chip on his shoulder. His attitude reminds me of Dustin Pedroia very cocky and plays the game hard. He is nowhere close to Pedroia yet but would be a big asset on any team. I would hold out for the best package,

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    I don’t think Franklin’s second half struggles will have much, if any effect on his value. Young players struggle and their statistics fluctuate, what tends to matter is whether or not the player has shown that the skills are there and are in the development process. Right now, Franklin is a high-upside prospect who plays at premium positions. Those players don’t become available very often and that makes it hard to distinguish their value. Projections are best estimates of variables that are nearly unpredictable, especially with young players: don’t put all your stock into them, but rather use them as guidelines for somewhat of a development schedule.

    Jesus Montero DID have oodles of potential. The Yankees had a deal centered on him for Cliff Lee before Seattle changed gears and got Smoak from the Rangers. A few months later the Mariners shipped a very promising pitcher in Michael Pineda to acquire Montero. There were always concerns over whether or not Montero could be a legitimate catcher or even a first baseman, but there was never any questioning his hitting abilities. At this point Montero is a bust, as are a lot of prospects.

    Could Franklin be an All-Star? Sure, he has the tools. But so many other factors come in to play that we simply don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s why top scouts and analysts with track records get paid so much; it’s incredibly hard to predict people, not just players. Refer to the scenes in Moneyball following Billy Beane’s career when the commentator mentioned it’s near impossible to get into the head of a young player and figure out why things aren’t clicking that should be.

    I’ve heard Jason use this line several time nows: the Mariners should look to trade Franklin for an outfielder or starting pitcher that’s similar in that they’re major league ready, maybe have a little MLB experience and have a fairly high ceiling.

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    Excellent points, and possibly more reason to give him some more time so those question marks can be answered. I think Franklin is a ways from fulfilling his potential, and that he has the potential to be a very good player. Potential can play a big role in how other teams look at a young player… the M’s seemed to think Jesus Montero had oodles of potential, for example. That’s in the eye of the beholder, and based on what the beholder perceives as the evidence for or against the player’s value. And in Franklin’s case, it’s quite possible that a number of teams would need more evidence before placing the kind of high value on him we would like to see them do.

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    I think we are way overvaluing Franklin if we are worried about the players being discussed. For me, I have very little issue trading Franklin as long as it addresses a need in the rotation and/or outfield. The names bandied around involving the Mets would need to be a combination of both for me to think it is fair. I don’t see how adding a third SP prospect really helps in of itself. I do think that Lagares being involved could solve a real issue with this roster. In regards to the Rays, I could see Colome helping us now and Ordirizzi is a solid prospect but I am not seeing how it really helps out the roster other than quality depth…they are definately solid pitching prospects. Now, if you are talking Archer, I would make that trade myself as it fit a solid need with a young controlled pitcher with experience.

    In regards to Smoak/Morrison/Morales comments, if we were to sign Morales it would almost certainly spell the end of Smoak. I think we could flip Smoak to the Pirates for a decent prospect package but nothing elite. He would fit the Pirates need perfectly and we would still have Morrison/Morales and even Hart to play first base. One way you could go with this scenario is that it could open up a roster spot for Romero as a RH option at firstbase, in addition to his ability to play the outfield, secondbase, and thirdbase if need be.

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    I agree with Paul and Tyler. If they trade Franklin, no “bulk” package in return, please. If anything, package Franklin with another player or two to get good players who can help the M’s sooner. But there should be no hurry… let’s see what happens in spring training, and if they do trade Franklin, maybe do it after the new manager has had a chance to see what he can do. Franklin definitely has value, and if the M’s trade him they need to get someone good in return.

    In addition, while I like the idea of a great glove in CF, I would also like the CF to be able to hit. This expressed opinion will invariably lead to the endless arguments about runs-saved versus runs created, etc. but I think our offense is quite possibly still limited enough that I’d rather see them go for someone that has a decent bat. I liked Brendan Ryan’s glove, and from this fan’s perspective his play as SS was wonderful to behold. But during seasons when the team needed offense, watching Ryan at the plate was a brutal thing.. there were long periods of time where the M’s might as well have been having pitchers bat. Trade for an outfielder who can hit AND field if one is out there, and then take defense into consideration with the other players already in camp and make roster adjustments if needed.

    Or, seeing as how pitching was pretty awful last year, wait a bit longer and see how Paxton, Ramirez and Walker and other SPs look in spring training, and maybe Franklin could bring a good SP back in a trade. I could well be over-valuing Franklin, but I think that if they want to trade him right now for a pitcher, he is worth a #3-#4 SP. Give him some more time with the M’s, and he might be worth more if he makes the 25-man or mashes in AAA. Maybe worth enough more that we just want to keep him. So yes, no hurry.

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    It’s rather amazing how a whisper in the wind turns into massive speculation.

    What we would like to happen is that someone gives up something great for Franklin, but that’s not really the case. His dramatic fall in the second half of the season prevents getting enough value for him.

    How much, realistically, do you think teams are willing to give up, to obtain a guy with some big question marks?

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    I would rather have more depth in SP PR OF than 2B right now. Either way, it’s just another form of depth.

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    1. Legares Defense reminds me so much of what Gutz “use” to be when we acquired him. Legares BA and OBP is actually pretty decent all the way through his minor league years, but just had a tough offensive MLB year his 1st year up. I’m actually a little surprised that the Mets view him as the odd man out over Eric Young in the OF.

    2. Franklin’s projected 5 year WAR blows Montero’s projected WAR away (ironically Franklins Projecte 5yr WAR even blows Syndergaard’s projected WAR away.

    I personally think a “fare” trade for Franklin would be Montero & Legares. BUT if there is any possible way Seattle could end up with Syndergaard & Legares with a Franklin++ I would prefer that.

    Interestingly, all of a sudden TB is jumping in “knowing” Mets are seriously interested. I think TB knows that Seattle could end up getting a 6yr club controlled SP out of a Franklin deal now versus 2yrs of Price. So I’m sure TB will “attempt” to get involved (even it’s they attempt a 3-way trade), so they could land the 6yr control of someone like Montero or Syndergaard.

    Price would definitely be a “Win Now” move in our rotation…but so would a Syndergaard, but this whole 2yr thing with Prices decreased velocity is concerning me. More concern is Price publicly stating he will not resign with Seattle.

    I think Seattle should stick with and focus on getting the best deal they can from the Mets and if Seattle could put together a seriously strong package for Syndergaard & Legares I say go for that THEN sign Morales (sending Smoak to Pitts) and the 2014 would be seriously solid all around!

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    I agree with the sentiment expressed that if you are going to do a trade it has to be potential star for potential star and not bulk. I think the challenge is going to be finding a team that has the need for a 2nd baseman and can give us the potential star CF or starting pitcher in return.

    That is why I would be surprised to see it happen, and why I like Franklin in AAA for as long as it takes, until we get that player in return.

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    I like the Legarus Montero combination myself. I dont think Morales wants to play in Safeco and Legerus could move Saunders over to right and Hart to DH. Almonte/Romero/Avery can fight for the 4th OF spot but we could have alot of versatility out there with Legerus added to the mix. Still think they should try to get Rasmus from Toronto and give him the extension Brett Gardner got. Toronto needFranklin more than any other team.

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    I like how mariner fans mention Chris archer and Matt Moore, while rays fans mention Alex Colome and Jake odorizzi. We better not trade Franklin for a polished number 4 starting pitcher out of desperation.

    Lagares and montero feels like buying bulk. I want to see a potential all star coming back to us, since that’s what we’re giving up.

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    I wouldn’t mind a Legaras and Montero coming back in the Franklin deal, I think we might have to add another piece (a small to medium size one) but it would be worth it IMO. Legaras will man CF for the next 5 years, he may not hit, but he was one of the best defensive CF’s in the game last year, he reminds me of an Andrelton Simmons, a young player who is known as a defensive wizard with a light stick. If Legaras can mature at the plate the way Simmons has the last two years, it could be a coup for Seattle. If I’m Jack, it’s either both of those guys or no deal, let the Mets select a minor leaguer as well as Franklin.

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    (like you did with Fister and Carp)

    Fister, yes, but out-of-options Carp who is about to be supplanted by Grady Sizemore in Bean Town? JackZ doesn’t need to stock up the larder like he did (or actually didn’t) by trading two pitchers for four assorted players in the Fister-Furbush debacle. GMz needs to bring back a ML ready and largely proven Centerfielder or Left-handed starter for Nick Franklin. It needs to be a direct need-for-need deal. If that means we marinerade the 23-year-old in AAA until a solid return surfaces, then so be it. If Zduriencik can land someone solid now, then that’s even better going into a very difficult April.

    And, just sign Kendrys Morales, now. 3 years/ $30 Million. I will take my chances on last season’s leading Mariner hitter over a first baseman who hasn’t proved himself to ever be consistent at the plate, a new 1B/LF who nicknamed himself LoMo who has proved even less than Smoak at the ML level, or a potential stud in Hart, who has no right being pencilled into RF for up to 145 games this season. Kendrys behind Cano and Hart is a no brainer. Let LoMo and Smoak earn their way onto this team.

  46. Avatar


    U would have to add more just to get Brown.

    I like the Rays as a fit, Archer would be a great get. I have him projected as a #3 to mid range #2 starter. Frankklin and another B level guy could nab him.

  47. Avatar

    I agree, there’s no reason to be hasty, and it seems like the Mariners share that view. Franklin holds plenty of value, only valid reason to deal him is if you can get that same value but in the form or a centerfielder or a starting pitcher.

  48. Avatar

    I am in no hurry to trade Franklin or Miller.

    With the severe 2nd half fade I just don’t see teams offering true value for Franklin. What is wrong with having some depth and options for once? Franklin can spend the year in Tacoma, but up some huge numbers, and increase his trade value (much like Jesus Montero did with the Yankees). I think if a team was offering a solid starting pitcher or athletic outfielder, we would have made the trade by now. Jack, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t sell this kid low (like you did with Fister and Carp).


  49. Avatar

    Domonic Brown and Rafael Montero. The M’s could add a bit to sweeten the deal.

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