Ty Adcock, RHP -- Seattle Mariners
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The Seattle Mariners farm system has been successfully rebuilt from one of the five worst in baseball over a 3-5 year stretch to one of the Top 10. Part of the reason the club’s system is strong again is depth. That depth led to an extended number of players in my rankings. This is the first year (of 17) I’ve been able to stretch it to 50.

Thursday: Nos. 21-30
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Friday: Nos. 16-20
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Saturday: Nos 11-15
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Sunday: Nos. 6-10
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February 10: No. 5
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February 11: No. 4
February 12: No. 3
February 13: Nos. 1-2
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February 14: Why 1 over 2
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February 16: The Next Group
— Which prospects are on the brink of the Top 50

Here are Nos. 31-50 in reverse order, including their best tool, and 2020 projected starting assignment.

50 Ryne Inman RHP 24 CB Modesto (A+)
49 Gerson Bautista RHP 25 FB Tacoma (AAA)
48 Tim Elliott RHP 22 SL Modesto (A+)
47 Tyler Driver RHP 19 CB Everett (SS)
46 Elvis Alvardo RHP 21 FB Arizona (R)
45 Donnie Walton UT 26 RUN Tacoma (AAA)
44 Levi Stoudt RHP 22 CH Arizona (R)
43 Tim Lopes UT 25 RUN Seattle
42 Jorge Benitez LHP 21 SL West Virginia (A)
41 Dom Thompson-Williams OF 25 RUN Arkansas (AA)
40 Michael Limoncelli RHP 20 CB Arizona (R)
39 Danny Chang LHP 20 CB Everett (SS)
38 Adam Hill RHP 23 CH Modesto (A+)
37 Ty Adcock RHP 23 FB West Virginia (A)
36 Raymond Kerr LHP 25 FB Arkansas (AA)
35 Juan Querecuto SS 19 FIELD Arizona (R)
34 Jake Haberer RHP 25 FB Arkansas (AA)
33 Ljay Newsome RHP 23 CMD Arkansas (AA)
32 Carter Bins C 21 FIELD West Virginia (A)
31 Ricardo Sanchez LHP 23 CH Tacoma (AAA)
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