My annual Seattle Mariners Top 25 is set for publishing soon, but here’s the NEXT 25 that missed the cut.

The below group is NOT listed in any particular order, but represent the best chance to crack the Top 25 in 2019 among those not currently ranked.

MiLB free agents not considered.

Max Roberts, LHP
Project with physical projection. Lefty poor-man’s Doug Fister?

Joe Rizzo, 3B
No power, no speed, no position, hit tool isn’t carrying him (yet), either.

Joey O’Brien, RHP
Up to 95 mph, good athlete, two-way JC player. Splitter is his best pitch.

Luis Veloz, OF
Raw power, learning to hit, plus arm. So far, all tools at 18.

Ljay Newsome, RHP
Strike thrower with two average or better offspeed pitches and MR ceiling.

Robert Whalen, RHP
ML stuff with non-baseball hurdles.

Ruben Alaniz, RHP
Heavy FB up to 98, 40 control & breaking ball. ML ready soon.

Eric Filia, OF/DH
ML hit tool, no power, position.

Joey Curletta, 1B
60 power, 40-45 hit tool, 1B only. 

Jorge Benitez, LHP
Undersized, 50 cmd, potential 3 ML pitches.

Luis Liberato, CF
Intriguing tools, performance hasn’t shown up.

Freuddy Batista, C
Shows mature plate skills & bat-to-ball … can he catch?

Donnie Walton, 2B
50 hit tool, avg glove & speed, no power.

Osiris Castillo, SS
18, disciplined bat, but swing needs work.

Holden Laws, LHP
Projectable, 55 ctl, FB true.

Robert Perez, 1B
Above-Avg power, OF might work.

Arturo Guerrero, OF
Physical projection for power, solid athlete.

Gunn Omosako, OF
Brazil native flashes hit and power tools… plus arm.

Brayan Perez, LHP
Command and feel southpaw with shot at two ML secondaries.

Max Povse, RHP
Stagnant development after reaching majors in ’17, 40 cmd of straight FB.

Nolan Hoffman, RHP
Low 3/4/Sidearmer has sinking FB up to 95, no out pitch for LHB.

Juan Mercedes, RHP
Mature 18-year-old is up to 93 with more to go get.

Sam Delaplane, RHP
90-94, high slot, 60 ctl, reliever only.

Ryne Inman, RHP
Low-90s FB up to 94, 40 cmd, 45 ctl, projectable frame.

Keegan McGovern, 1B/OF
Has ML power, 40 hit tool, could be late bloomer after swing adjustment senior year.

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Jason A. Churchill

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