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The Seattle Mariners’ farm system is shallow, lacks impact, lacks arms and is among the worst collections of talent in all of baseball. But there are some good things happening below the minors, suggesting a peak into an improving immediate future.

Right-hander Rob Whalen gets back on track after a lost 2017, showing low-90s stuff with a plus curveball. Tommy Romero debuts with advanded feel and improving secondaries.

Joe DeCarlo is taking to catching but his bat has shown up early and often in Double-A Arkansas. Middle infielder Donnie Walton has shortened up and is blistering the ball in Modesto. Right-hander Matt Festa has been a model of consistency for the Nuts late in game.

Last June’s top pick Evan White is hitting and on schedule and while Braden Bishop is off to a very slow start at the plate, he continues to shine on the bases and in the field.

Best of all, top prospect Kyle Lewis is slated to get his first official action in a matter of days.

1 Kyle Lewis OF A+
2 Evan White 1B A+
3 Sam Carlson RHP NA
4 Julio Rodriguez OF NA
5 Braden Bishop CF AA
6 Joe Rizzo 3B A+
7 Juan Querecuto SS NA
8 Luis Liberato OF DL
9 Rob Whalen RHP AAA
10 Anthony Jimenez OF A+
11 Ronald Rosario OF NA
12 Nick Rumbelow RHR DL
13 Max Povse RHS AAA
14 Bryson Brigman 2B A+
15 Daniel Vogelbach 1B AAA
16 Matt Festa RHR AA
17 Greifer Andrade OF A
18 Tommy Romero RHP A
19 Art Warren RHR AA
20 Ian Miller CF AAA
21 Joe DeCarlo C AA
22 Johendi Jiminian RHP AA
23 Joe Rosa 2B A
24 Cesar Izturis, Jr. 2B NA
25 Wyatt Mills RHR A+
26 Mike Marjama C AAA
27 Seth Elledge RHR A+
28 Donnie Walton SS A+
29 Oliver Jaskie LHP A
30 Chase De Jong RHP AA
31 Ariel Sandoval OF A
32 Dimas Ojeda OF A
33 Chuck Taylor OF AA
34 Ljay Newsome RHP A+
35 Nick Wells LHP A
36 Ryne Inman RHP A
37 Kyle Wilcox RHR A+
38 Darin Gillies RHP AA
39 Nolan Perez 3B DSL
40 Jack Larsen OF A
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    So 7 of the top 12 have yet to play: Lewis, Carlson, Rodriguez, Querecuto, Liberato, Rosario, & Rumbelow. 2 of the top 5 to already play have spent some time on the DL: White & Jimenez.

  2. Author

    Brigman has a shot to be a utility guy. Added some functional strength to his frame. The potential jump has been met, at least early on, with production.

  3. Avatar

    Bryson Brigman has looked very solid as well. A little more power than I expected ( more of the doubles, line drive variety). Nice keystone piece with Walton.

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