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POSTED: No. 5Noelvi Marte, SS/3B
6-11 — Three arms, a speedy outfielder, and the catcher
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POSTED: 21-30 — Highlighted by young CF, relief help
POSTED: 31-40 — Five Arms and power upside

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Projected 2024 Lineup, Rotation, Bullpen

Ben VanHouten/Seattle Mariners

4. Logan Gilbert, RHP
Simply put, Gilbert looks the part of a frontline arm capable of logging 120 pitches per start and covering 200-plus innings per season.

He uses his 6-foot-6 frame to drive the ball downhill and pitch with life up in the zone, displaying a vertical attack unmatched in the system.

The fastball is up to 96 mph, cruising 92-95 with armside run. His best secondary is a low-80s slider that flashes plus and works well off the four-seamer and in tandem with his average to above-average knuckle curveball which comes in at 74-77.

Gilbert’s changeup is fringe-average at present, flashes above average and could end up a plus offering in time. His consistent arm speed and use of his lower half to finish strong out front helps everything play up, but the changeup may benefit most.

His delivery is consistent, making him a safe bet to throw strikes consistently, and having come to pro ball nearly three years ago with average command there’s a good chance he ends up in the plus range.

Gilbert won’t overpower hitters with velocity, but he should get good fastball value from its movement and his ability to fill up all quadrants of the zone. His ability to use his entire arsenal projects for some success immediately upon his arrival in the major leagues.

He’s yet to show his best stuff for an extended period, since Gilbert has managed just 135 professional innings — thanks to an illness the summer he was drafted and the cancellation of the MiLB season a year ago — and they all came during the 2019 campaign across three levels.

He’s 24 in May and around 225 pounds, so there’s no meaningful physical growth remaining, but the package of stuff, projectable durability, and command suggest a good No. 3 starter, with a chance for a little more depending on the further development of his changeup.

The former first-round pick is ready to face big-league bats, and should get that chance early in 2021, whether it be in May or right from the get-go as a member of the club’s six-man rotation.

ETA: 2021


CEILING: Chris Carpenter
Andy Benes
Trevor Cahill

Pitch development and command can be improved, and both can be developed beyond present projections. If either happens for Gilbert his comps could change along with them, though Carpenter peaked as a 6-win starter and posted two other 5-win seasons and a 4.5-win campaign, so that’s a pretty darned good ceiling comp for the Mariners here.

I do wonder, however, if there might be another tick of velocity coming, perhaps enough to get him more consistently into the mid-90s, which also can be a profile-altering development.


60 (92-96) 55+ (81-85) 55 (74-77) 55 (85-87) 50+ 55.5

5 Noelvi Marte SS 2023 POWER A/A+
6 George Kirby RHP 2023 COMMAND A+/AA
7 Taylor Trammell LF 2021 HIT AAA/MLB
8 Cal Raleigh C 2021 POWER AAA/MLB
9 Brandon Williamson LHP 2023 FASTBALL A+/AA
10 Isaiah Campbell RHP 2023 FASTBALL A/A+
11 Juan Then RHP 2022 FASTBALL A+/AA
12 Zach DeLoach CF 2023 HIT A+
13 Jonatan Clase CF 2025 RUN A/A+
14 Austin Shenton 3B 2022 HIT AA
15 Sam Carlson RHP 2024 FASTBALL R/A
16 Andres Munoz RHP 2021 FASTBALL AAA/MLB
17 Connor Phillips RHP 2023 FASTBALL R/A
18 Levi Stoudt RHP 2023 FASTBALL A/A+
19 Jake Fraley OF 2021 HIT AAA/MLB
20 Milkar Perez 3B 2024 HIT R/A
21 Ljay Newsome RHP 2021 COMMAND AAA/MLB
22 Anthony Misiewicz LHR 2021 CURVEBALL MLB
23 Will Vest RHR 2021 FASTBALL MLB
24 George Feliz CF 2025 HIT R
25 Braden Bishop CF 2021 FIELD AAA/MLB
26 Yohan Ramirez RHR 2021 SLIDER AAA/MLB
27 Joey Gerber RHR 2021 FASTBALL AAA/MLB
28 Adam Macko LHP 2024 CURVEBALL A/A+
29 Wyatt Mills RHR 2021 FASTBALL AAA/MLB
30 Sam Delaplane RHR 2021 CURVEBALL AAA/MLB
31 Carter Bins C 2023 FIELD A+/AA
32 Alberto Rodriguez OF 2024 HIT A
33 Aaron Fletcher LHR 2021 SLIDER AAA/MLB
34 Kaden Polcovich 2B 2023 HIT A/A+
35 Damon Casetta-Stubbs RHP 2024 FASTBALL A/A+
36 Michael Limoncelli RHP 2025 CURVEBALL R
37 Kristian Cardozo RHP 2026 CURVEBALL R
38 Starlin Aguilar OF 2026 POWER R
39 Tyler Keenan 1B 2023 POWER A/A+
40 Taylor Dollard RHP 2023 CHANGEUP A
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