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Dayan ViciedoScott Merkin, beat writer for the Chicago White Sox, reports that the Seattle Mariners are in “serious talks” about outfielder Dayan Viciedo. Merkin’s tweet mentions that the Chicago is interested in getting a reliever in return for Viciedo.

This is not the first time that Seattle has been reported to be interested in the right-handed power hitter; they’ve been linked to Viciedo for several years and at this year’s trading deadline. The Mariners have been intent on upgrading the team’s offensive production with a focus on adding right-handed power. San Francisco had been previously reported to be interested this past July.

The 25-year-old Viciedo is a deep threat, which is in short demand in the majors. Despite demonstrating power since his major league debut with Chicago in 2010, he has provided below-replacement level value with -0.7 fWAR in 2014. He primarily hit in the middle of the White Sox batting order and, most likely, would bat sixth or seventh in Seattle.

Viciedo 2014 Offensive Production
.231 .281 .405 88 -.7

In addition to his offensive shortcomings, Viciedo was a below average defender in 2014 posting -17 in Defensive Runs Saved (DSR) and a -12.8 Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR). If he were to join the Mariners, he would likely play a corner outfield spot. Last year, he played 53 games in left field and 83 in right field.

Although Chicago is focused on being a contender in 2015, their motivation for moving Viciedo could be financially driven. The White Sox have spent $61 million on lefty setup man Zach Duke and closer David Robertson, another $25 million on first baseman/designated hitter Adam LaRoche, and acquired up starter Jeff Samardzija in a six-player trade with the Oakland Athletics and they may be reaching their budgetary limits. The 25-year-old, who made $2.8 million and projects to make $4.4 million in arbitration this year, is represented by Scott Boras and won’t be be a free agent until 2018.

The White Sox could have interest in a number of Mariners’ relief pitchers after Chicago’s bullpen ranked 14th in the American League teams in 2014. Seattle’s bullpen ranked among the best in baseball in 2014 and may be willing to move relief pitching to land a power hitter. Until now, the White Sox have added the left-handed Duke to their relief corps.

From the Mariners’ standpoint, they would be accepting a great deal of risk by trading for the 25-year-old slugger; Safeco Field is notorious for inhibiting right-handed power. If Viciedo were to realize his potential with the Mariners, acquiring him for a relief pitcher or pitchers would be a coup for General Manager Jack Zduriencik.

It’s quite possible that the numerous trade rumors surrounding the Mariners and various sluggers may be a message to former Toronto Blue Jay Melky Cabrera’s representation that Seattle is willing to go elsewhere to upgrade their offense if they can’t reach an agreement with the switch-hitting free agent.

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    I figured Jerry would be in here talking about all the flaws about a player. What I like about Viciedo, in a specific role and not as a starter, is that you can have some power on the bench from the right side of the plate. I would not give up much of anything, like most, but I don’t see why there is such an uproar about this guy…unless they are thinking RF starter bring him in.

    Also, I would trade Lucas Leutge for Viciedo all day long…in case you haven’t been watching, LL is not good at all either. Not to mention that most relievers are replacement level as well.

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    “Lucas Luetke or Erasmo Ramirez or even Jesus Montero might make sense here for Viciedo.”

    No, it doesn’t. Luetke is at least a useful bullpen arm, and costs nothing. Erasmo is a useful guy as a long reliever and an emergency starter, and costs nothing. Montero is a failed prospect who still has a remote chance of turning into a good player. Montero also has options left. Viciedo is a below replacement level player, and will cost a few million more. None of these guys are good, but Viciedo is worse than nothing. No deal makes sense for him.

    “I think of it this way: who would you rather have as a RH bat, Jesus Montero who can only DH and play a below average first base, or Viciendo who has shown the same pop against lefties with a bit more positional flexibility?”

    Montero, hands down. Montero is still young, and his problem is immaturity. There is a chance he’ll pull his head out of his ass. And right now, he’s as good as Viciedo. Plus, he is cheaper, further from free agency, and can be optioned to AAA. Montero is a much more valuable guy. That tells you something about Viciedo.

    Don’t try to rationalize this. Its a dumb move.

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    The only way this makes sense is if the M’s think Viciedo will be MUCH better than he currently is. The only reason Viciedo is even remotely interesting is his age. He’s only 25, and won’t be a free agent for three more years. However, he’s also fat and has old player skills. Plus, he’s trending in the wrong direction: each of his past two seasons has been worse than the previous one. Moving him from Chicago (a great hitters park) to Safeco (which is brutal on RH power hitters) will just cut into his already bad numbers. This just doesn’t make sense. Right now, Viciedo is terrible: awful defensive player, can’t get on base, terrible baserunner, bad body, questionable makeup, etc. He’s a shitty, below replacement level player.

    Again, the ONLY reason he’d make sense is if the M’s think he’ll flip a switch and turn into a fundamentally different type of hitter. Basically, you’re betting on him being Edwin Encarnacion or Jose Bautista. Its not impossible, but its not likely either. I’m not sure why the M’s would think that was the case.

    Viciedo is a below average player. As a DH, where his brutal defense wouldn’t be a detriment to the team, he’s still a bad player. The M’s could probably get similar production from a AAAA guy. Unfortunately for Viciedo, the M’s recently signed a guy to be the DH for the next four years. If the M’s signed him, it would actually be better to play Nelson Cruz in RF, as Cruz is a better defensive player. Viciedo is redundant with Cruz, except worse in every way except birth date.

    There are MANY other better options out there. Colby Rasmus is a good bet to be the biggest bargain in free agency this year. Delmon Young – who is a better version of Viciedo but will cost almost nothing – is available if the M’s want a one-dimensional RH slugger.

    If this was the Seahawks making this deal, I’d give them the benefit of doubt that they saw untapped potential. The M’s have done nothing to deserve that type of confidence from fans.

    If the M’s replace Michael Saunders with Dayan Viciedo, they’ll have made their team MUCH worse.

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    Lucas Luetke or Erasmo Ramirez or even Jesus Montero might make sense here for Viciedo. His range sucks, which make LF in Safeco even more dicey, but his arm is supposedly decent, so maybe he would be adequate platoon guy in RF.

    I still like the idea of teaching Nelson Cruz to play 1B to combat his “boredom” at DH everyday.

    Melky Cabrera, Albert Rios and many others are still in play for everyday RF, so it’s a bit early to panic on this rumor. I think of it this way: who would you rather have as a RH bat, Jesus Montero who can only DH and play a below average first base, or Viciendo who has shown the same pop against lefties with a bit more positional flexibility? (Michael Saunders is most likely NOT the apples-to-apples comparable here, despite the timing of the Happ transaction just ahead of this potential one).

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    I would rather play Montero in the outfield, hmmm, check Viciedo’s ID.

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    We gave up the Condor and are going to settle for this guy ? Thank you very little….

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