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So, I’m a big fan of good comedians. Brian Regan, Anthony Jeselnik, Chris D’Elia, among others. I watch their stand-up, listen to their podcasts and occasionally get lost chasing YoutTube clips or perusing their Twitter feeds at 3 AM.

I was doing just that Wednesday night when I came across a guest spot by another of my favorite comedians, Jeff Dye. Dye is from the Seattle area and I learned about through a friend of mine, Joe Kaiser, who grew up knowing Dye through school.

Dye, in case you’re unfamiliar with Dye, he is the host of NBC’s Better Late Than Never, where he guides four elderly stars — George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw, William Shatner, and Henry Winkler — around the world.

Anyway, I saw via Twitter that Dye was a guest on Ryan Sickler’s HoneyDew Podcast on YouTube. So I clicked in and watched. Here’s the full episode, where Dye talks about growing up unable to read until he was 20, what motivated him to fix that, family life and a lot of other things. Some of it funny, some of it just real-life stories, rather than Dye carrying on his stage act. I was entertained.

But it got better, and perhaps the highlight for me was when Dye discussed how his inability to read improved his memory, particularly in terms of face recognition. This is where Seattle Mariners tookie right-hander Bob Wolcott enters the story.

The story starts at 34:49 of the clip below, and is just over a minute, but… Enjoy.

The video below is not censored for language or subject matter, though the Wolcott story is pretty safe for work


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