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In this post, Curtis Christianson and Jason A. Churchill will note any changes in Jarred Kelenic‘s setup and swing. At least anything noticeable to the naked eye.

In Kelenic’s last dozen games or so, he has been starting to turn it around at the plate with ,ore hits, and he’s been hitting the ball the other way a lot. In addition, the power has been more consistent. Granted, it’s against Triple-A pitching.


Here is a comparison with his big league numbers and total numbers in Tacoma so far in 2022.


June 15, 2022

I work for the Tacoma Rainiers, and noticed a change in Kelenic’s swing recently. It caught my eye that in two-strike counts Kelenic extended his right foot out slightly farther than normal and did not use a leg kick. He had a slight toe turn, but not his normal leg kick.

After about a week Kelenic appears to have gone back to his normal leg kick after a short period of time. Perhaps it’s something he’s tinkering with and didn’t like it, or is choosing to use it in certain situations and not others.

— Curtis Christianson

June 22, 2022

Kelenic noted early in his time in Tacoma and even prior to that he was trying to keep his hands loose to create a more easy, whippy-type swing, which in theory can help him in a lot of areas, including strike zone coverage, getting to good velocity, and trusting his hands to the point he can feel confident staying back and still get the barrel to the baseball.

Here he is June 22 doing just that and hitting a laser out to straight-away left field:


Here he is in the same game hitting a line drive double into right-center and two things are noticeably different here.


1. The loose hands may be helping because that’s a shorter swing with a shorter load.
2. The front foot is down very quickly, no floating. This is a sign he’s trusting he can get to the pitch, and he’s looking to catch barrels, not hit the ball 500 feet or 200 mph.

Not at all saying he’s fixed. We’re just monitoring noticeable changes.

— Jason A. Churchill

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Curtis Christianson

Curtis Christianson is the Athletic Director at Concordia Christian Academy. He also works in the Tacoma Rainiers clubhouse during the baseball season.