A few hours after the Seattle Mariners announced the 2014 field staff they added another news item: Chuck Armstrong is retiring, effective January 31, 2014. A few seconds after I tweeted that out, the team confirmed, and the speculation began in terms of who might be next as the team’s president.

I have no idea who it’s going to be, nor when that decision might be made — or if it will be made at all. What I do know is that it’s not going to be Pat Gillick. Gillick, 76, still owns a home in Magnolia and still is a consultant for the Philadelphia Phillies. He’s still a great baseball mind who commands, and gets, a ton of respect for what he’s done in the game. He’s also still not a fan of the leadership of the Seattle Mariners, from all accounts I can collect from various sources.

So the joy-jumping that took place after the announcement was made may only be warranted to a certain extent, since there is still a great chance nothing changes with the Mariners baseball team. Several baseball people told me today that “Chuck not the real problem,” or something to that effect.

There’s nothing wrong with firing shots at the job Armstrong did in 28 years with the Mariners. There were some good things, of course, but it appears the bad outweighs the good by leaps and bounds in terms of the lack of success on the field.

The problems still exist, however.

Jason A. Churchill

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