While the Top 30 Prospect Rankings will remain a free at Prospect Insider, the in-depth scouting reports on at least the Top 10 will be available ONLY to Baseball Things subscribers and PI Forever Subscribers.

Those that are not Baseball Things subscribers or Forever Subscribers will have the option to purchase the scouting reports, but do yourself a favor and just subscribe to Baseball Things so you can get the scouting reports for FREE.

Just another way to say ‘Thank You’ to all of you who make this possible, fun and continuous.

Quick recap of what those will entail this winter:

Tools Grades
Three-Level MLB COMP (even though I hate them!)
Ceiling Comps (Upside)
Median Comps (Most Realistic)
Floor Comps (Realistic Worst-Case Scenario)
Scout’s Takes
Overall 2018 Outlook
X-Factor (How might this prospect change his overall profile?)