Reddick15The Seattle Mariners appear to have righted the ship somewhat after dropping 15 of 21 and for a short time falling below .500. They went 7-2 on the recent home stanza and while all is not perfect, the starting pitching has been a little better and the bullpen has been a little better for it.

Still, if Seattle is to make legitimate waves in the American League this season, the current roster just isn’t good enough. The outfielder corners are among the worst defensively in the American League, the club still lacks athleticism, and help in the rotation and bullpen can only, well, help.

Let’s talk about some names, then. But first, a note: Players on teams right in the thick of even the Wild Card race will not be considered. Things can change in a matter of days and weeks, so we’ll check back on or around July 25 for new additions, but there’s no point in adding to this exercise predictions of several club’s win-loss records over the next three weeks.

Starting Pitching Targets
Bullpen Targets
Outfield Targets

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