The Seattle Mariners looked like idiots at the plate versus one of the most ordinary starting pitchers in the entire American League, and Sam Gaviglio deserved better.

The Mariners’ 4-0 loss dropped them back to two games under .500 at 40-42 and they gave up the ground they gained Friday night to Texas, the Angels and the Rays.

Biggest Stat of the Night

Mariners hitters swung at a breaking ball (not any offspeed pitch, just the slider) from Ricky Nolasco 17 times on either the first pitch of the plate appearance or in a hitter’s count (1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-1). Seventeen times.

Nolasco’s fastball has been beaten to a pulp by opponents this season: .306 average, .613 slugging percentage, including 13 doubles and 16 home runs. So what do the Mariners do? Let him avoid using his fastball.

This reeks of a lack of a gameplan and preparedness, which is odd because it’s a veteran lineup and, well, The Edgar.

I’d share some highlights but there weren’t any. Instead, here’s the first professional home run from the Mariners; 2017 first-round pick, Evan White.


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