This 2020 Prospect Rankings will be released in February. Here’s what the coverage will look like, when it will be available, and how to get it.


  • Top 50 Rankings
  • Full Scouting reports
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • 2020 Outlook
  • Overall Projection
  • Tools Grades
  • Pitch Arsenals
  • Pitch Velocities
  • Future Value
  • Probability Assessment
  • Scouting Scale Primer
  • Projected 2020 Assignments
  • Top 50 Demographics: By Position, Acquisition Path


The full guide via PDF will be available to Baseball Things subscribers February 3. Forever subscribers can request their copy on this date by sending a blank email to

If you’re not yet a subscriber to the Baseball Things podcast, click here and gain access to all full-length episodes and the 2020 Prospect Rankings Guide.

Simple rankings of the entire Top 50 will be posted here at Prospect Insider via the following schedule:

*Note: The basic report is a short synopsis and does not includes tools grades, comps, ETAs, et al.

February 5: Nos. 50-21 (ranking only)
February 6: Nos. 20-16 (ranking only)
February 7: Nos. 15-11 (ranking only)
February 10: No. 10 (includes basic report)
February 11: No. 9 (includes basic report)
February 12: No. 8 (includes basic report)
February 13: No. 7 (includes basic report)
February 14: No. 6 (includes basic report)
February 17: No. 5 (includes basic report)
February 18: No. 4 (includes basic report)
February 19: No. 3 (includes basic report)
February 20: No. 2 (includes basic report)
February 21: No. 1 (includes basic report)

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Jason A. Churchill

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