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Jason A. Churchill


  1. Author

    Hey Binh,

    Felix’s changeup is too inconsistent and has absolutely lost some of everything that makes a good changeup; sink, fade, deception.

    I’d say it’s a 45-50 changeup right now. Hopefully he has a better feel for it right out of the gate in 2018 and is able to better set it up with his fastball.

  2. Author

    Dear Anonymous,

    By far NOT the worst farm system ever. Not even close. It’s not even worse than the D-Backs’ from a year ago or the Angels and Marlins from 2016.

  3. Finally got around to reading it Jason, thanks for the work you put in. Question, (would this be better for twitter?), anyway, I was surprised on your view of best Change up in the active roster. Not based on who it is, but what it says about where Felix’s change up is now. Where do you think his current change rates? 50?

  4. Worst….farm……system……ever…..

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