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Bold=40-man Roster


Andrew Moore, RHP
Max Povse, RHP
Tyler Herb, RHP
Lindsey, Caughel, RHP
Kyle Hunter, LHP

Moore is the name most fans are hearing about and he is closer to the big leagues than any other starter on the Travelers’ roster, but Povse is the better long-term prospect. Moore may work his way to Tacoma in quick fashion, however.

Herb is a bit underrated in terms of prospect status but may need to hop into the bullpen and max out his delivery to be a viable big leaguer.

Caughel is a veteran that allows the Mariners to avoid rushing an arm such as Pablo Lopez or Nick Neidert. Hunter has a potential future as a reliever.


Thyago Vieira, RHP
Peter Tago, RHP
Ryan Horstman, LHP
Paul Paez, LHP
Brett Ash, RHP
Blake Perry, RHP
Darin Gillies, RHP
Zac Curtis, LHP

Vieira is the name to watch here, but keep an eye on Tago, Gillies, Ash and Curtis. All could have some peripheral value to the 25-man roster in 2017.


Tyler Marlette, R/R
Marcus Littlewood, S/R

Marlette,24, can hit but probably needs to cut down on the strikeouts, and his defense needs work, still. Littlewood, a switch hitter and former shortstop, had a very good year with the bat a year ago in Double-A, but it was an abbreviated, 56-game run.  From the left side, he batted .324/.423/.444 with 25 walks and 26 strikeouts in 170 plate appearances.

Either could make their way to Tacoma this season.


Ryan Casteel, R/R
Joey Wong, L/R
Jay Baum, R/R
Adam Law, R/R
Justin Seager, R/R


There are no prospects here, but Casteel is interesting as a former catcher with arm strength.


Kyle Petty, R/R
Ian Miller, L/R
Chantz Mack, L/L
Kyle Waldrop, L/L


Petty is more of a first baseman, Miller can really run and defend and both Mack and Waldrop will hit in the Texas League.

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