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GuerreroGabrielThis year, Prospect Insider decided to publish all ‘Preview Guide’ type material right here on the site, and we started doing that Monday with Chris Moran’s MLB Breakthrough Starting Pitcher Candidates. We’ll continue to add to that as the month continues. We’ll conclude that with two days of predictions, ending on Opening Day, March 31.

The Prospect Insider Handbook, scouting and ranking the Seattle Mariners’ top prospects, however, is ready for your viewing, by clicking here. Most browsers will download the PDF automatically.

As per usual, it’s in PDF form. Don’t forget to use the bookmarks to move around from player to player.

Aside from the Top 30 rankings, there are full scouting reports, tools grades, MLB ETA and MLB Comps on the Top 10, and mini scouting reports on Nos. 11-30.

Also included:
Best Tools
Organizational Depth
Projected 2017 Lineup, Rotation, Bullpen

Click here to access the 2014 Prospect Insider Handbook.

Photo of Gabriel Guerrero by (Paul R. Gierhart/MiLB)



  1. Because I haven’t seen him, lailoken. I didn’t have enough to get too detailed, so instead of potentially misleading the reader I ranked him best I could and did not offer any report.

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    I brought Andrade up because he’s the only ranked prospect who didn’t get a writeup. I know he hasn’t played much organized baseball but there has to be some buzz for him to make the list.

  3. He’s interesting, more as an athlete and potential bat than a shortstop. reminds me of Cord Phelps/Cleveland Indians a little bit. Very smart hitter, controls the zone, below-average raw power but gets more out of his bat speed and strength because of the swing and disciplined approach. Not sure he’s a major leaguer, but he’s a fun one for which to root.

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    Jason, what’s your take on Tyler Smith? He was drafted out of OSU in the 8th round last year. He was the Appalachian League player of the year. He hit a HR tonight. Is the offense legitimate? How’s his defense?

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    What’s the word on Andrade?

  6. Yeah, I’m a master negotiator. Scott Boras is my agent.

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    You’re getting DeLoreans now, Jason? Jeez, they ARE paying you well at 1090!! 😉

  8. I put Paxton into my DeLorean and made that happen for ya, greentunic.

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    Great read! It’s so hard to find in-depth scouting content online. I can’t wait to see Walker pitching again.

    It does say Paxton is 21. I got momentarily super-excited and then remembered he was born the year after I was…

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    LOL. Edman has actually been pretty level headed lately, IMO. Of course he ruffles the feathers of a couple of new comers, but they just don’t understand his style.

    Glad to have you back dawg

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    God, it feels good to be back here. I’ve been away from the site- for the most part- for months, due to the technical problems.

    So is anyone wanting to kill Edman right about now? I need to catch up.

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    Fabulous work, Jason. As always.

    Any thoughts on this Lachlan Fontaine guy? Love the measurables, but know nothing about his game info yet.

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    Scott McKinney at Royals Review has written a detailed study of the success and failure rates of top MLB prospects who were listed on Baseball American’s Top 100 prospects lists which indicated that 62.9% of position players and 77.4% of pitchers were busts, which was defined as having never provided more than 1.5 WAR in their careers. (Although Seagar and Cano never appeared on a BA Top 100 list.) I wonder if we can expect more or less from our top prospects? The study is at:

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    As usual, fantastic work.
    A question on the need for a right-handed bat. Given that Romero is what he is as a defender and baserunner, and that power is probably not going to be developed further, is there any reason to send him back to Tacoma to ‘improve’? Or, put another way, how would you assess him as an advantage to the team as a right-handed bat off the bench/part time DH…as opposed to trading for someone like Viciedo, or signing someone like Cruz?

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    You do such a great job with all the great work you and your other writers do!!

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    This handbook is by far the best scouting report of Mariners’ prospects.
    Thank you very much.

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