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masahiro-tanakaOn Wednesday morning, the always on-top-of-the-game Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports broke the news that the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes have come to a close.

There were multiple teams linked to the right-hander, but in the end, it’s no surprise he ultimately chose one of the big guns.

mlb_a_tanaka_d2_400x600That little project by the New York Yankees to get their payroll under the $189 million threshold to avoid big luxury tax penalties? Out the window. Even after the savings they’ll benefit from with the Alex Rodriguez suspension, this deal once again propels them into a different category among their peers when it comes to player budgets. It’s interesting that they weren’t willing to break it for someone they knew extremely well in Robinson Cano, but did so for a relative unknown entity in Tanaka. Sure, there are scouting reports and they certainly did their homework on the medicals. But, pitchers being what they are — always a high risk with larger workloads — this is a massive commitment for even a guy entering his age 25 season.

So, the Seattle Mariners went from pundit-declared favorites a few weeks ago to a team that may not have been heavily involved in the derby at all. And, really, at that price tag, can you blame them?

Not only is the seven years at that lofty price tag higher than I’d have liked to see the team go, that opt out clause is something I despise. If I’m the M’s and that comes up in the conversation as a prerequisite, I politely leave the bargaining table. I don’t like it for position players, and I hate it for pitchers.

One thing that some may bring up is that the M’s paid for more for Felix Hernandez — an older, more worked pitcher — over the same period. Which is true, but Felix was already a franchise icon at the time of his signing and was a player the club could not let test the open market. As much as we want the team to pay for what a player will do as opposed to what they’ve done, there’s still a very fair case to be made that Felix had much more value to the Mariners moving forward than any other team.

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Okay, so now what?

The club’s rotation now has two locks — Felix and Hisashi Iwakuma — and several question marks. Rookies James Paxton and Taijuan Walker impressed in their late-season showcases in 2013, but neither should be expected to step in and be major contributors right away next season. Paxton is the older of the two, the one who probably needs to make the step sooner than later. Walker is still young, and pushing him into a pressure role now may not be the best idea if there are any concerns about his polish and readiness. After those four? The waters get even murkier with an inconsistent Erasmo Ramirez and change.

The team will likely head back into the free-agent and trade markets to look for another starter or two. The David Price links may begin to crop up again now that the Tanaka situation is settled, or the club could turn to the next big names freely available like Matt Garza, Ubaldo Jimenez or Ervin Santana.

The problem now, though? A whole lot of teams that need pitching just missed out on Tanaka and are going to have a hard time convincing any of this trio that they aren’t worth the cash each of their agents have been demanding. The market for these three gentleman just got more interesting and I doubt one of those dominoes falls first without setting up the other two equally well.

The Mariners might not have got their guy. Or, maybe they didn’t get a guy who wasn’t their guy. We don’t really know what they’re thinking, because they don’t tell us. We’re left to guess, but the guess work isn’t that difficult. The M’s need an arm — maybe two arms — and there are arms to be had. They have some money to spend. Whether it’s one of Garza, Jimenez, Santana, Price or another name none of us have thought of, the club is going to have to spend to get one.

It might be cash. Might be prospects. But they’re going to have to spend something soon.

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51 thoughts on “Yankees tab Tanaka … what’s next for M’s?

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Edman says:

    When were the young guys never going to have to produce? I suppose they got a pass before, but those days are gone. Wedge got upset with Jack because he basically told him it’s time to weed the garden, and put expectations on the young guys like Ackley, Smoak, etc. to produce, because the “developing” tag is no longer acceptable.

    And personally, i’m sick and tired of hearing about Jack “almost” trading Walker for Upton. Especially when several here and on other boards had no problem with it, at the time. A year later, Walker continued to make strides to become an elite prospect. The other part of that equation, is nobody here knows who else might have been involved in the proposed deal. I didn’t like the idea of trading for Upton at the time, even without the inclusion of Walker. But really, to hold Jack accountable for a trade he didn’t make, and that you have no idea about the specifics of the deal, is kinda silly. Sometimes, the best trades are the ones you don’t make. It’s part of the job requirements as a GM.

    I also think it’s kind of lame to say he wanted to get Fielder and Hamilton, as if that would have been a huge mistake. Seattle lacked, until now, ANY player who could take the field everyday, that you could call a Superstar. The Mariners needed a player like Cano to build around. I love Seager, but let’s be honest, if he’s the best bat in your lineup, there are problems. Because a girl looks pretty, compared to the friends around her, doesn’t maker her a beauty contest winner. How about instead of calling the signing of Cano an act of desparation, that it’s an act to improve the team by adding its own Superstar. At present, there are no Superstar candiates on the horizon in the minors. There are some very good players, but no prospective Superstars to build around, other than on the mound.

    I neither trust Jack, or distrust him. He got that player to build around. You can cry about the cost, but that’s what it takes. NOBODY in baseball thought Jack could get it done. Nobody in baseball thought that Jack could get Felix to stay in Seattle. Jack has had pluses and minuses, but his concept to build with a strong farm system has stayed sound. He went out and got the kind of players that should have made the team competative. Results aren’t always black and white.

  3. mgvernon says:

    Until this off-season I’ve been an “In Jack I Trust” kind of guy. I’m not sure just where and when that viewpoint changed but I realize it has. Jack was a pretty good director of scouting with the Brewers and was selected as the only non-GM named MLB Executive of the Year before the M’s hired him. He has done a good job of scouting and building the farm system, although to now I can only credit him for Seager becoming a real major league player. There are others who may well qualify this season, I sure hope so anyway. Hiring Kuma was a good move and who knew Raul would tie a Ted Williams record? But he wanted to get Fielder and Hamilton and trade Taijuan and other good pieces for J. Upton. (He wasn’t the only one to overrate Upton, Dave Cameron once said he’d trade Felix for him – true, on one of his first chats at Fangraphs.) The Cano signing smacks of desperation and he can’t save us by himself. Jack’s got a lot more to put right soon or we are probably looking at an under ,500 team. Right now it looks like to me that the young guys are going to have to produce this season for the team to win more than it loses, especially given how the rest of the AL West has gotten better for Jack to get to keep his job. I don’t trust in Jack to get it done.

  4. Ripperlv says:

    Good points, being a baseball man doesn’t qualify one to be a businessman. JZ like many other general managers has no baseball playing experience.

  5. Edman says:

    How many top Executives at Boeing do you think actually know how to build an airplane, at the nuts and bolts level? To say that the president needs to be someone like LaRussa, isn’t fact. Yes, they have people to report to them, and don’t actually have to do the work. Does a team president need to know how to hit a baseball? How to give signs on the field? No, he doesn’t. He has to make sure that all those who report to him/her know their jobs and are able to give him accurate data in their periodic reports.

    Seattle has its general to lead the effort on the field, and that’s Jack. Mathers doesn’t need to know the X’s and O’s of how the team works to do his job well. He is now responsible for making sure that the right staff is in place to make that happen.

    Mather was in the Mariner organization before Lincoln became CEO. Is he qualified to be the team president? Yes, based on a long history in baseball, he is. Few team presidents came from the baseball field.

    Some have unreasonable expectations. We all send resume’s out to perspective employers. Should we all expect that it leads to an interview? Should Tony LaRussa be given an interview because he’s Tony LaRussa, or because his qualifications match the duties that he’d be asked to do?

    And, as someone else pointed out, Tony is 70 years old. Bring him in as a consultant if you want. But, longevity at that position has to also be considered.

  6. Ripperlv says:

    You could be right, the Garza deal is about the same as the Nolasco deal.

  7. Ripperlv says:

    Sure why not?

  8. Ripperlv says:

    Enough of the draft pick already. What have draft picks gotten us so far? Jimemez is a proven player, that is better than a draft pick this year. We have a protected #1, losing the next 2 picks for 1year is not going to topple the franchise. You overvalue those picks. You need to use every avenue to improve the team. Maholm no, Capuano or Baker as a #5 would be nice after we sign a #3. Your plan is signing Bonderman, Saunders, Harangue in disguise. The rookies should not be counted on filling more than the #4 spot in the rotation.

  9. Ripperlv says:

    A 70 win season and you call the Cano signing great. Wow. The Cano signing is a complete and totally wasted effort unless you put a competitive team out there every year. The M’s could have saved a lot of money by just signing cheaper players and having a 70 win season. Hey teach, there’s something wrong with this formula.
    JZ could impress me by signing Jimemez and Baker/Capuano and making a trade for an impact outfielder. While he’s at it get some bullpen depth. This is not unreasonable for a team that just signed Cano. It’s reality in today’s baseball world and there is nothing desperate about it.

  10. Ripperlv says:

    There is nothing foolish about going after the best remaining free agents. The foolish thing is not to stay aggressive and go after the lower tier pitchers thinking “I’m being so wise with my money.”
    Yes we have Cano for 10 years. You are fooling yourself if you think your going to get 10 years of star production. The clock is ticking my friend and it don’t have any patience.

  11. Hackinator says:

    Edman …typically the President /CEO will delegate the pencil pushing tasks….my concern is centered around a “bottom line” decision maker vs a “how can we put a winning team on the field” decision maker…we both have no idea what Mathers or LaRussa are truly like as leaders … its a statement that should promote a discussion on the merits of both types of leaders….. a financial guy vs a proven leader of men in an atheletic scenario.

    But in your typical “if I don’t agree with you I will shout you down ” fashion if , it never got a chance…

    Putting on my Kevlar so go ahead and rip me again…

  12. Shawnuel says:

    Yeah..Suk-Min Yoon was the guy I actually meant…..not the Taiwanese fellow. Him, Baker, Capuano…….Maholm. All would be nice depth and not a huge hinderance to Paxton and Walker when they are ready to join the rotation.

  13. diderot says:

    I wonder if just the opposite might be true.
    If you assume all three are relatively equal in the eyes of the market…and Garza signs for 4/$52 without the draft choice loss…then aren’t the other two guys less valuable because the cost of the lost pick has to be factored in?

  14. diderot says:

    The other issue is that LaRussa turns 70 this year. It’s not like he’d be any long term solution. More likely he’d want to ‘make his mark’ quickly…which seems like a recipe for instant conflict with Z.

  15. davis09 says:

    Larussa is a great field manager and nobody knows if he would make a good team president let him learn that job with another team. Player personel will be jacks thing and hes got it pretty screwed up and it will get him fired during the season I bet. The number 1 issue going into the offseason should have been to first add a couple solid defensive outfielder who could hit and add another sp. He does not value defense at all and its a worse of than last year with no added pitching. I sure hope he has a couple moves left or this will be pretty bad. I just hope the new president understands winning gets people to come to the park and that seattle is a great sports town starving for a winner. Look no further than next door the hawks are a succesful franchise.

  16. Edman says:

    Some of you really baffle me. Many complained about Chuck’s interference with baseball decisions. That really wasn’t suppose to be his role. And, I don’t claim to have any understanding of what kind of input he was or wasn’t giving. So, now the whinning comes, because LaRussa wasn’t hired. A guy who could become the same kind of guy. You wish to assume that LaRussa would be such a good President, that his baseball mind would shine so glowingly, that it would turn the team around. That’s hogwash. That’s wishing on a pipe dream.

    So, now they hire a guy who’s more like what they expect of a team President, managing the day to day affairs of the team. A guy who would be less likely to inject himself in player decisions, and now the thing you wished for as come true and you don’t like it?

    Which do you want? Some who would try to over-rule the GM, or a guy who would be more likely to let him do his job, without having to justify an on-field baseball decision.

    As I see it, LaRussa’s talents would be wasted, by forcing him into a pencil-pushing desk job. Name all the team Presidents that have been responsible for the on-field play. Go do a Google search on MLB team Presidents, and see how many names you recognize.

  17. k0o56 says:

    Exactly. We didn’t sign Cano to a one-year deal so there’s no reason to make panic moves.

  18. rjfrik says:

    Seems like standard procedure for Lincoln. If we had other ownership and Lincoln wasn’t running the show I highly doubt a person in Mather’s prior position with the company would have been promoted to President.

    Brewers needed a starter bad, makes sense on the Garza signing.

    Looks like the M’s will be making minor splashes, Baker or Capuano or some other guy that won’t break the bank.

  19. davis09 says:

    I really hope we sign someone like Arroyo and Capuano and let our young guys try to fight for the last spot. I dont think Arroyo has draft comp attatched to him and he would have decent numbers in a pitchers park. Hope they can also pull off a trade for a CF and use Franklin,Ramirez,plus to get him. If we could somehow get Bautista and stick him in the order behind Cano that would be a decent lineup.

  20. mgvernon says:

    Make that Santana, I hear Santa is not pitching this season.

  21. mgvernon says:

    Garza’s deal will help drive up the price for Santa, Jimenez and Arroyo, not only the price but the number of years they will get. This is all increasing the market value of Walker, Paxton, Ramirez and Maurer. Arroyo has been holding out for a third year and I think he will end up getting it.

  22. Jerry says:

    I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I read about his background either.

    That said…..lots of the smartest people in baseball these days aren’t ‘baseball people’, but guys coming out of business school.

    We don’t really know anything about him, so it tough to jump all over this. However, he has been in charge of getting Safeco Field built and keeping the team financially viable. Hard to argue that he hasn’t been a success at his job.

  23. Jerry says:

    I sincerely hope that the M’s front office – and Jack – aren’t thinking like this.

    Operating from a position of desperation results in bad trades and signings.

    Bad trades and signings leads to losing.

    The M’s are having a good offseason thus far. We all agree that they aren’t done. But the best thing Jack can do to maintain his position is simple:

    1. Make smart trades and/or free agent signings

    2. Avoid making stupid trades and/or free agent signings

    Its really that simple. Thus far, Jack isn’t acting like he’s “on the hot seat”. If he does, it probably won’t end well.

    I’ve been very critical of the current front office. But so far this offseason, they’ve done a pretty good job. I’m cautiously optimistic they’ll keep it up.

  24. Jerry says:

    Given what the Phillies did this season, plus the retirement of Roy Halladay, it would amaze me if they sold on either of those guys.

    And, as Edman pointed out, they would cost more than their salaries. With the pretty extreme inflation that is happening right now, those contracts are now looking like bargains. Even if they were available, the trade cost would be substantial.

  25. Todd says:

    Looks like the Brewers just grabbed Garza for 4 years, $52 mill

  26. Edman says:

    A couple of problems, Garry. First, those players have to be available in trade. Second, you have to give up quality prospects to get either. It’s not as simple as saying you’d go acqure someone.

    Tanaka was overpaid, IMO. But, there is additional cost in prospects and/or money, that has to be included to get either pitcher.

  27. Edman says:

    Exactly what does a Mariners team President’s five primary responsibilities? Before you hail the idea of Tony LaRussa being hired, explain what credentials he needed to have? Hiring anyone for their “name” is never a good idea.

  28. Hackinator says:

    In re to the new President…..wow gee whiz , they promoted the accountant….hope he knows how to conduct a price / cost analysis when it comes to acquisitions.

  29. safecochatter says:

    I love this .. seems our new team president is Kevin Mather. ” Mather as a shrewd businessman who keeps a close eye on the bottom line” This is really awesome news, I was so afraid we would end up with a baseball man like Tony Larussa. Instead M’s get a Howard Lincoln suck boy. JUST FREAKING GREAT!

  30. Edman says:

    I agree. “This Jack has to do this or lose his job” argument is rather silly. He has to show meaningful improvement to keep his job. There are lots of ways to do that. Signing Tanaka for Felix money, isn’t one of them. And, over-spending for one of Garza, Jimenez or Santana (yuck) isn’t the answer either. All three of those pitchers (agents, actually) are going to use Tanaka’s signing as a basis for contract negotiations.

    There are other “less sexy” moves out there than can be made. All of baseball is going to get busy soon. Waiting for Tanaka shortened the signing window.

  31. rjfrik says:


    Jack doesn’t have to make “Huge Moves” to save his job, but he has to do something. Because the team he has on his hands as of, right now, is a crapper. He can’t have another crapper. If he does, he’s gone.

    So as you said, he better go get at least 2 guys for the rotation, a bullpen piece or two and at least one OF, preferably a CFer. That’s a lot to do, but that is the only way he can get to .500 ball and in my opinion, that is what it’s going to take to keep his job.

  32. Garry says:

    Arroyo is definitely a 200 inning eater, solid, and would be my preference over the SPs associated to draft pick compensation.


    $22-$23M for Tanaka?


    $22-$25 for either Cole Hamels or Cliff Lee?

    I’ll take the “Proven” SP via trade for that price!

  33. Snave says:

    I think this is a good plan too. And when I look at Bronson Arroyo’s numbers, even at his age, he seems fairly close to some of the more-discussed available SPs.

    I’d be happy to see the Mariners sign two from among Arroyo/Baker/Maholm/Capuano, and sign Bedard to be a long-man/spot-starter/bullpen guy. I think that for the amount of money it will cost to sign one of the more prominent FAs per year, they would be able to sign two of the other guys and very likely get better production in the rotation than they got last year from Harang and Saunders. Bedard probably would be doable on a small one-year contract… they might even be able to get him to Spring Training as a NRI.

    Use Paxton as the #5, and start Walker in AAA? If Paxton falters, send him down and replace him with Walker? However things work out, I know I’d rather see them depending on big things from one inexperienced rotation guy than from two.

  34. Paul Martin says:

    The Felix extension is looking more and more like a bargain everyday! If Tanaka costs 175 million, what would Felix go for on the open market!

    I think Jack will try to make some trades to shore up the outfield and also spend some money on the rotation, but the options are pretty slim right now. I am not holding my breathe that something exciting will still happen…

  35. Tyler Carmont says:

    If Burnett plays it’ll be for Baltimore, he lives in Maryland I believe, or Pittsburgh because he feels he has unfinished business. Most execs think at this point he’s leaning toward retirement and has openly stated his desire to pitch near his home, if he chooses to play.

  36. Jerry says:

    One other option: Beg and plead for AJ Burnett! He’s been very good the last few years, and nobody is talking about him because he keeps saying he only wants to stay in Pittsburgh.

    Corey Hart did the same thing…..and look how that turned out.

    Full court press on Burnett!!! For 2/30 mil-ish, he’d be a great addition.

    A long shot, but worth a try.

  37. Jerry says:

    Enough with the “Jack must make huge moves to save his job” BS!

    Tanaka would have been a great addition, but the cost ended up being kinda silly, and sometimes things just don’t work out.

    If Jimenez or Garza can be signed for a reasonable deal, then they should explore those options. However, I hate the idea of losing another draft pick.

    BUT…….there are always other options, and one of those that people seem to be discounting is a focus on depth.

    Last year, the M’s gave WAAAAAAAAY too many innings to scrubs like Bonderman, Harang, Beavan, Saunders, Maurer (before he was ready), and Noesi. Those guys accounted for 78 starts! The reason why the M’s had so much trouble with pitching is that they didn’t have depth. Saunders did more or less what you’d expect, and he actually wasn’t a terrible option as a #5 starter. Unfortunately, he was our #3. Maurer needed more seasoning, and was rushed. Unfortunately, the M’s didn’t have much of an alternative but to keep running him out there for 14 starter, despite the fact that he had never pitched above AA before that. They had no depth.

    Right now, we already have better depth than we did last season, as Paxton, Walker, Maurer, and Ramirez are all talented young pitchers with ML experience.

    Instead of making a potentially stupid signing that will cost them a draft pick, they could always just add a few interesting guys with upside to the depth they already have, and hope to catch lightning in a bottle. Some potential targets:

    Suk-Min Yoon, RHP from Korea (my favorite)
    Paul Maholm (cheaper, better version of Joe Saunders)
    Scott Baker (also a very good risk: cheap, and very solid if healthy)
    Chris Capuano (very underrated, solid #5-6 starter)

    NRI Types:
    Jeff Niemann (injury in 2013 makes him cheap, solid starter when healthy)
    Eric Bedard (consistently good when he’s healthy)
    Johan Santana (why the hell not?)

    I’d like to see the M’s sign a few of these types. Suk-Min Yoon is an interesting wild card, and could end up being a solid mid-rotation starter. He could be an under the radar bargain. Same applies to Baker, although the big question marks revolve around his health. Capuano and Maholm are more depth guy who could help at the back of the rotation. If the M’s could add a few extra arms to the mix. Again, I tend to like low-probability, high upside guys, like Santana and Bedard. If they can pitch, they’ll probably be good. If not, no big loss.

    If the M’s can add one inning-eater, and one or two upside guys, they’d be in good shape. They already have Walker and Paxton as high upside guys who just might need a bit more seasoning. They really just need more options to offset the chance that those guys aren’t ready.

    Depth is good. Even if they do sign one of the three remaining high-ticket free agents, adding some live arms to the stable is never a bad idea.

  38. Shawnuel says:

    I’m with Diderot and Jerry. Add to the list, Yao-Hsun Yang, the Taiwanese FA that Seattle is reportedly in on.

  39. Jerry says:

    Again, this is a foolish perspective. Its the same BS that guys like Ken Rosenthal keep spouting off about.

    The fact that the M’s signed Robinson Cano didn’t come with an obligation to go “all in.”

    The M’s should look to get better, but only if it makes sense.

    The thing they absolutely should NOT do is start thinking that they based some ‘point of no return’ threshold. Signing bad contracts is NEVER a good idea, regardless of whether or not you just signed a high-priced elite player.

  40. Jerry says:

    I don’t necessarily see a correlation between Cano and the domestic free agent starters.

    Signing Cano doesn’t inhere signing another starter to a big-money contract. The M’s should only do that if they think it is good for the club in the short and long term.

    Its not like Cano is going to melt after 2014.

  41. Jerry says:

    I think this is a very sound plan.

  42. Jerry says:

    And A-Rod gets his suspension revoked……..and he and Jeter get caught being injected with steroids…….by Nazi prostitutes.

  43. rjfrik says:

    Not sure how you can expect JZ to impress you, he’s really going to have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to do that.

    The Cano signing was great, but it won’t be enough to save his job. I do think, with the team as it stands right now, this will be JZ’s last year. I see another 70 win season.

    Hopefully some kids develop fast.

  44. ripperlv says:

    As far as free agents go, there’s only a couple left before you get into the scrub department. I’m not worried about low cost. I’ve been low costed to dead the last few years. Show me the Cano signing was for real. If this team doesn’t continue to add some valuable pieces, then everything turns into a joke. At this point, I’m expecting JZ to impress me.

  45. mgvernon says:

    The team need two rotation arms, one will cost money and another can be a lottery ticket. Otherwise they have wasted money on Cano for this season. Now is the time for GMZ to show what he has left to offer or to Hit the road Jack!

  46. diderot says:

    In a perfect world, Paxton, Walker and Erasmo all pitch well this year…at least until the innings caps kick in.
    But this isn’t a perfect world, it’s the Mariners. So they definitely need an insurance starter–and preferably two. (Remember how much we thought of Maurer last March?)
    But I would vote for neither of those additions to come from the Domestics. With the money we’ll be paying them, McClendon will be forced to trot them out there every fifth day, no matter how poorly they do. And each of them has honest potential to blow up at any moment. They have disaster in their the track records (Garza is more consistent, but also an injury risk.)
    Instead, I would sign two from among the Bakers, Maholms, Bedards and Capuanos of the world. Maybe the market forces a two year commitment…but at their anticipated prices, it’s a lot easier to rationalize sitting them rather than having them become the new Joe Saunders…while Erasmo is tearing through AAA.
    Spending money doesn’t always make you better. In this case, I believe it could actually make us worse.

  47. Garry says:

    Now here’s hoping Tanaka turns into a Igawa for the Yankees, and CC doesn’t rebound from his 2013 numbers, and Pineda has to be sent back to AAA to learn a 3rd pitch and the Yankees Rotation are in shambles and miss the playoffs for 2 years straight with another $200m+ payroll.

    Now with my discust out of the way with the Yankees org…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Seattle goes for Cole Hamels (a proven 4-5 WAR “experienced” LHP) with proven success. Amazing Tanaka is making Hamels & Cliff Lee type money. Wow. For that money I’d take the ‘sure’ thing over the ‘questionable’ thing.

  48. marinercoug says:

    My order of preference:

    1) Capuano- He’s a solid 1-2 WAR player, and won’t cost much at all
    2) Ubaldo- I still think he’s going to be a #2 starter for the next 3-4 years, and at 15 per, I’ll take it.
    3) Baker- More upside than Capuano, but more burn-out potential as well.
    4) Garza- Not going to be much more than a 3-4 starter at this point, but he’ll get paid like a 2… No draft pick compensation, tough, so that helps.
    5) My cats get Feline Leukemia
    6) Santana- The cost and the compensation… no F-ing way

  49. rjfrik says:

    The team won’t sign any player attached to compensation. After all ready losing one pick and Morales, not a sure thing to sign with another team, there is no way they will sacrifice another high pick for Santana or Jiminez.

    I too believe that they will go the Baker or Capuano route. But Garza doesn’t have compensation attached to him and Garza is a west coast guy from California, so I could see him wanting to be on the left coast for his next contract.

    We shall see, like a lot of people I was hoping for Tanaka, but time to move up and the M’s have to add a SP to the rotation at the very least. So we should see some activity in the next few weeks.

  50. rotoenquire says:

    I don’t think the M’s are going to sign one of the major pitching F/A. I think the team is more so looking at guys of S. Baker’s ilk. Low cost high upside players. Unless they do a trade this is more of what I expect to see. This is a proffit first team winning second in my eyes and will be until ownership changes.

  51. Dan says:

    The M’s need another starting pitcher amoung other things. They should sign one of Matt Garza, Ubaldo Jimenez or Ervin Santana. And they should trade for an impact outfielder. Or Else – why sign Cano? I have to believe changes are still coming.

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