Post-Draft Top 10 Prospects

Changes are afoot in the Seattle Mariners farm system. The draft immediately impacts each club’s farm system and represents an opportunity for organizations to gain ground on their competitors across Major League Baseball. The Seattle Mariners began 2016 with one of the worst five farm systems in the game. They may fare a bit better today thanks to some performances of Top 25 talents, but the acquisitions in the draft may make the biggest difference. Here are my Top 10 Mariners Prospects including the draft picks. One note: Players currently…

Seattle Mariners 

Mariners 2015 Prospects of the Year

It’s usually not difficult to identify the players of the year in minor leagues of a big-league organization. Determining the prospects of the year isn’t necessarily as elementary. In fact, it never is in my experience. The difference? Player of the year typically is all about performance. Prospect of the year is significantly more intricate and sophisticated, and requires a lot deeper and widespread investigating. The Seattle Mariners have what many call a weak farm system. I don’t entirely disagree, since a large portion of the club’s talent spent 2015…